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VIProfile: Shawn Perry, CFP, CPWA

Story by Angela Reeves

Shawn Perry grew up in Adairville but spent much of his life in Bowling Green, going to high school here and then on to attend WKU. He started his investment career in 2000 and was fortunate enough to meet one of his partners, Mike Jennings, early in his career. Mike was one of his biggest influences in life, bringing him into his existing practice in 2001 as a partner, and treating him like a son. He and Mike have had a great relationship, accentuating each other’s strengths, and celebrating victories together.

Shawn is a financial advisor with the JPR group of Baird Private Wealth, and fortunate to be the Director and Branch Manager, who leads their amazing team. He is proud of the 10 person team he has helped to build at the firm, saying, “it really is a special group of people!” He loves his job because it offers a ton of flexibility and the ability to impact people’s lives. The flexibility allows for time to do ministry related things outside of work and to have fun and enjoy time with clients. “Meeting with a recently widowed lady and helping her walk through all her decisions she needs to make over the next year with a mindset of truly caring about her as a person and wanting to help, is a reminder of what is important in my work. It is situations like that which keep me engaged at such a high level. I found that once we stopped trying to sell people stuff and just help them is when all the good things began to happen for our group,” said Shawn.

Shawn and Natalie Perry have been married for 16 years, having met while she was cutting his hair, and developing into a great friendship. They have three children: Gavin (12), Stella Jane (10), and Emma-Lu (6). They bought a farm about a year and a half ago and since then, their life and pace has changed a lot. They spend most of their time together as a family doing things outside, and Shawn also enjoys golfing in the summer and hunting. “I’m really loving the quote recently, ‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work,’ by Thomas Edison, but maybe that’s because I live on a farm now and wear overalls,” joked Shawn.

Thomas Weakley, local campus minister at WKU, has been like a father figure and a mentor to Shawn for many years. Shawn said, “He’s able to speak into my life in ways that others are not and I’m so thankful for the wisdom he’s imparted in me.” Thomas and Mike make him think about the quote from Sir Isaac Newton which says, “If I have seen further, it’s because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.” The hope for Shawn’s future it that is holds a lot of what is consistent now: Continuing to spend time growing closer with Natalie and their kids, and professionally growing as an individual and growing the team to continue to be able to help more people.

“I’m really shocked that our oldest two are already halfway, or more, from leaving the house. My ultimate goal in life is to live a life my son would want to replicate and my daughters would want to marry someone like me,” said Shawn.

He is grateful for the people who have poured into his life and works to do the same for others. He and Natalie enjoy spending time with and ministering to young people through their church,
Christ Fellowship Church, and volunteering with Hope House. “The last year has increased the amount of time we’re together as a family and has been a really good thing for us,” said Shawn. Shawn fell in love with Center for Courageous Kids about seven or eight years ago and joined the board five years ago, now serving as Chairman. He loves what the organization stands for and is thankful to have the opportunity to be affiliated with them. 

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