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VIProfile: Jessica Yonts

Story by Angela Reeves

Jessica Yonts grew up in Western Kentucky, graduating from Murray State University with a degree in PR and Advertising. She moved to Bowling Green in 2005 when she began her career in development with the American Cancer Society.

“I was fortunate to establish many valuable friendships through the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life and have kept those relationships throughout my career,” she said.

While at Murray State, Jessica met her husband, Bryse, and together they dreamed about one day opening their own advertising agency. But at that time, this felt like an unattainable goal. They both started their careers in Bowling Green and were married in 2009. After many years of building her career, expanding her skill sets and developing strong relationships, Jessica knew she was ready to establish her own agency.

“I had been able to work with so many great people, and it was something I prayed about for years... I just felt like the timing was right. There were people ready to support me and I wanted to do agency work differently. Strategy and big-picture thinking are my passions. I love to dream, and I was ready to do it for myself and others,” she said. “I can get passionate about any industry when I’m working with a company that cares about the end goal. I especially love being able to bring to life the projects that can make a difference for others or make an impact within our community.”

In 2017, Jessica founded Yonts + Co, a creative marketing agency that builds strong brands with intention. She has continued many relationships formed through her nonprofit work and been able to connect with many of them through Yonts + Co. “This community thrives on business owners and their commitment to this area. Being able to call on them and get advice has been priceless. The giving in this community has been so impressive to me,” she said. In 2018, on Jessica’s birthday, she bought a 100 year old house near downtown to renovate for the Yonts + Co office. “I love the Shake Rag District, our neighbors and the proximity to downtown. I wanted to be a part of the growth of this district and watch it thrive as more people invest in developing here,” she said.

Yonts + Co was founded on the principle of running the good race, from Hebrews 12:1, with great people. “We believe intentional connection leads to impactful marketing, and it ties to who we are as a company,” said Jessica. She and her team put a priority on forging substantial work and creating personal relationships with the folks around them. Their intention is to stand out by being passionate about each brand, prioritizing their marketing needs, and ultimately leading them to success.

Creating an amazing team was a priority for Jessica and has allowed each team member to thrive at the things in which they are greatest. “I don’t have to do it all or be it all. I can step back and allow each team member to thrive in their area of greatness. We all sit at the table together and work together. There are no super humans, just a team of awesome individuals,” said Jessica. She says she will always define success in people - the people on the Yonts + Co team, and the people with whom they have the opportunity to work.

Yonts + Co has had some unique experiences since their creation, including working in Montana on a television show about American History called Reconnecting Roots. “Working on that show, with the size, scope, and reach of the project has been something I will never forget,” said Jessica. It also gave her the opportunity to spend a few weeks each summer out in Montana, fishing on the Yellowstone River, and dreaming of living the ranch-life one day. It gave a deeper meaning to the bison they have as part of their company branding – representing that they embrace their inner bison, which run toward, not away, from storms. For every client relationship, they attack the problems or opportunities head on.

With Jessica’s extensive experience in the nonprofit world, she has a passion for developing marketing and advertising campaigns which speak to donors. Yonts + Co has worked on campaigns for Thunderfest, Bowling Green Young Life, LoeysDietz Syndrome Foundation, the Center for Courageous Kids, and many more. If there is a need brought to the team, they find a way to give through money, time and resources. Jessica loves nonprofit work and any organization that allows them the creative freedom to flex what they do best. “We’re making a name for ourselves on our good works and we’re really just getting started. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and am now able to use our platform to do so,” she said.

Jessica and Bryse have two children, Willow, 10, and Finn, 6. “I thrive when I hear Willow say ‘branding’ or talk about creative work, like logos or graphic design. I love to see my kids create, and I love that they get to see me, Bryse, or our team creating and working in this space together – it makes me so happy,” she said. Although Bryse is not officially on the Yonts + Co team, Jessica says she leans on his creative knowledge regularly. “We complement each other’s strengths in experience and passion. He is so creative, and I am very strategic.” Jessica is a Chamber Ambassador and she and her family are involved with Crossland Community Church, along with many other community organizations. She and Bryse have always loved to travel, and they think the kids have the travel bug, too! They are an on-the-go family with sports and adventures. They love fitness, hiking, camping, and water and snow skiing. After founding PopWorks in 2015, Jessica says one day they may retire and open a popsicle shop on the beach in Bali if they are not ranching in Montana!

Stay connected with Jessica and the team: | FB @yontsco | IG @ yonts_co | FB & IG @thepopworks

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