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Time to Enjoy Outdoor Living

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Story by Angela Reeves

Warmer weather is right around the corner and it’s soon time to take living indoors to the outdoors! Now is the time to put the plan into motion to spruce up the yard, build that deck, finish the patio, or begin the garden you’ve always wanted! Whether you have a small yard and would love a simple breakfast nook, a pool you’d love to update with a new patio, or have dreamed of adding a firepit...why not make it happen so you can enjoy the great home!

If you’re at a loss for where to begin, you can always begin with HGTV or Pinterest! It doesn’t take long to find lots of inspirations but you can also find yourself overwhelmed with options. To begin, start simple. “Typically March is a great time for a spring clean up,” said Alex Sewell with Southern Touch Lawn and Landscapes. “Trimming helps makes room for new growth, beds need cleaned out and weeded and a fresh layer of mulch or rock can all make a huge difference.” Once the dirty work is done you can have a clear vision for any new trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, or grass you may want to add or update in your yard.

Talk a walk around your neighborhood, or better yet, your favorite neighborhood in town, and make notes of what you love about their lawns and outdoor living areas (that you’re able to see!). Sometimes an update can be less costly than you may think, and may mean removing instead of adding. “People are looking for more open area right now, with clean and neat landscaping,” said Lisa Carter with Lovers Lane Tree Farm. “Nothing is better than ugly,” is Lisa’s motto! Lisa says homeowners are looking to simplify law care and add low maintenance items, potentially bigger in size, but less quantity.

“It all depends on the desires of the homeowner,” said David Buchanon with Lovers Lane Tree Farm. The size of the yard and the intentions for use are all factors. “We can plant up to 20 foot tall tress for shade or privacy, add on a patio, build a firepit with seating or update old concrete patios or sidewalks.” Many people wait until Spring to take on these projects but according to David and Lisa, now can be the time to begin so the outdoors can be enjoyed come spring. Installing a patio can be done in any temperature so they stay busy year round. The paver patios they create don’t crack, can easily have a piece replaced and come in all designs, sizes and colors. They’re a great economical way to refresh old or start new.

Other things to consider with your new backyard bombshell is irrigation, lighting, and furniture! There are many options to choose from some of which you can DIY and others you should leave to the professionals. Start with your budget and an estimate from the experts who can help with design services as well. There may be aspects you can add on throughout the year or years, to get the yard of your dreams if you’re not able to forge ahead all at once. Whatever look you’re going for, make it a smooth transition from your indoor style. Incorporate things you love inside into your outdoor space. If you love to read, find a shady spot in the yard to add a hammock or comfortable outdoor lounge chair. If neither are options, build a bench around the largest tree in the yard and add pillows! If you love entertaining, make room for an eight person dining table or comfortable seating lounge. Don’t have a lot of money for new furniture? Make a sofa and coffee table out of used pallets...plenty of those ideas on pinterest! If you love to garden, but don’t have much room for a large bed, build one vertical on your fence with cheap clay pots for your planters.

For more inspiration, check out local garden tours or home tours and ask questions about what you love! Your yard, patio, or porch can be your favorite space soon and the talk of the town by next year’s tours. The possibilities are endless - now is the time to start!

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