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Story by Angela Reeves

How many people do you know who have had the opportunity to go on television’s longest running game show, the Price is Right, and spin the big wheel? Chances are it’s zero but if you’re from Bowling Green now you can say one! Steve Maglinger had the opportunity to do just that on August 30th!

Steve and Vicky Maglinger have both retired in the last few years and watch the Price is Right almost every day. While visiting their niece Jennifer, to help her move back from LA, the three got tickets for the taping of the show. Their daughter Lisa had them some bright green shirts made and designed by Stephanie Palmer with The Blue Knot which proudly display Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The day after traveling to LA they arrived at the studio around 8:30 AM. After getting nametags and taking photos, each person met with a producer in a group setting. Steve was able to talk about being retired as a maintenance man at Hills Pet Food and the producer asked him if he had ever eaten the food. Steve said, “Well yeah, I guess I’ve tried it.” They asked him his favorite games on the show and he named Let It Roll, Plinko and Hole-In-One.

During the time between arrival and taping the three got to meet lots of people, who were all excited to be there. They describe the whole day as upbeat, fun and friendly. The were just excited to be given the opportunity to visit a show that they watch every day. “I never win anything and only dreamed of being up there,” said Steve.

The first round of four people were chosen and didn’t include any of the group but after just a few more they heard the famous words from announcer George Gray, “Steven Maglinger, come on down, you’re the next contestant on the Price is Right.” Steve ran up on stage with extreme excitement. Vicky and Jennifer we’re so excited for him and jumping up and down in the audience. “When Steve was on stage I was thinking, nothing makes me any happier than to see my husband and best friend of 44 years be so excited and happy! We’ve been so blessed!,” said Vicky.

After a successful bid on a package including a stove, pots and pans and eggs for a year, Steve won his way on the stage. The game selected for him was Cliffhanger... definitely not one of his favorites! It was Big Money week so his grand prize opportunity was $20,000! Cliffhanger has a yodeling hiker climbing up a mountain and the contestant has up to $25 in bids and actual pricing to keep him from going off the cliff. Steve’s first item was an iron which he bid $28 to a $20 value. The second item was a hygrometer for $30 which he guessed exact and the last item was a blender, which Steve bid $55. He sat and watched as the yodeler climbed higher and higher and finally stopped two clicks from the top! He won! His highlight of the day was being able to give model Manuela a giant hug after winning!

Steve was able to spend a big wheel after and ended up with a spin off. Although he didn’t win that, he was able to say hello on tv to his grandchildren.”The entire day was such a neat experience. If I didn’t win anything at all the whole experience was worth it. It was fun, exciting and such a good time for us to share together. They were so good to everyone and Drew Carey was a class act. The whole thing still just seems like a dream,” said Steve.

On their 10 day drive home the family was able to continue their dream trip by visiting Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Roswell, Albuquerque and the breaking bad home, the Magnolia table in Waco, and Dallas.

The couple had to keep the experience on the price is right quiet for six weeks until the show taped and they said that was the hardest part. They had viewing parties on the day of airing to share the excitement with everyone. The prizes began flowing in the same week and they have been able to share their excitement and enjoyment, and even the prizes, with their family. “We were so excited. We just kept looking at each other like is this really happening. It was a lot of adrenaline and an amazing time. It truly was a dream come true,” said Vicky.

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