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St. Teresa Ministries announces Day of Giving

In support of World Food Day

On Monday, October 16th, 2023 in recognition of World Food Day, St. Teresa Ministries awarded four local organizations with funding totaling over $86,000. 

“We recognize that hunger exists in our world; but more importantly we recognize that hunger exists right here in South Central Kentucky,” stated Kelly Wiseman, Executive Director of St.Teresa Ministries.

With a food insecurity rate of 12.9%, 579,770 people are facing hunger in Kentucky – of those, 154,290 are children. Warren County alone has a food insecurity rate of 11.6%. Each day, 1 in 8 Kentuckians face hunger (1 in 7 children).

“St. Teresa Ministries is blessed to be able to give back to our community,” stated Patty Polston, St. Teresa Thrift Store Manager. “Announcements such as today, are made possible through the generous support of St. Teresa Thrift Store donors, shoppers, volunteers, employees, and board of directors.”

Through the profits of St. Teresa Thrift Store, St. Teresa Ministries awarded the following organizations a combined total of $86,800. Holy Spirit Food Pantry received $26,100 in financial support along with $5,000 worth of non-perishable food items. St. Joseph Food Pantry received $43,200 in financial support along with $5,000 with of non-perishable food items. Holy Spirit International Outreach Committee received $2,000 in financial support toward their refugee and immigrant Christmas assistance program. MEAL, Inc. received $10,000 in financial support for their Christmas food boxes and meals.

With a nearly 20% increase in food prices over the past two years, support from organizations such as St. Teresa Ministries is vital in the fight against hunger. Today’s recipients, along with many other organizations in South Central Kentucky are anticipating over a 20% increase in the number or individuals and families they will serve in 2023.

“We are grateful for these organizations and honored to partner with them to further our mission by funding efforts to provide food, basic necessities, and emergency services to those in need,” commented Wiseman. “We are proud to be able to give to those who work tirelessly to fight hunger in South Central Kentucky.”

Since 2022, St. Teresa Ministries, through the profits of St. Teresa Thrift Store has given nearly $300,000 to area organizations who support this mission. In addition to the organizations awarded today, St. Teresa Ministries has financially supported Habitat for Humanity, Family Enrichment Center Wee Care Center, Housing Authority of Bowling Green, Bowling Green Towers, Warren County Foster Adoptive Association, Good Samaritan Group and many other organizations in South Central Kentucky.

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