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New Year, New Organized You

It’s the time of year when Santa isn’t the only one making lists and checking them twice. People everywhere are beginning to think of those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone knows the usual ones- get in shape, finally organize the junk closet, pay off debts, etc. A recent study conducted by Nielsen analytics shows however, that by Valentine’s Day one third of people who have made New Year’s Resolutions abandon them. Another survey conducted by Strava suggests that the date most are likely to drop those goals is January 12th. By the time half the year is gone, 80 percent of people have thrown those resolutions right out of the window.

However, this coming January not only brings a new year, but it also brings an entirely new decade. There is no better time to start a clean slate than the new roaring 20’s.

Whether your goal is to get fit and healthy, to get your home organized, or to get yourself out of debt, Alex Trabue, owner and founder of Tabulated Professional Organizing, believes that an organized home is the best way to jumpstart all of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Tabulated Professional Organizing began helping clients organize their homes and lives in 2017. Alex and her staff organize and assist clients with moving. She says that no job is too big or too small. “It typically starts with a conversation over the phone to get to know the client.

Then, we do a 30 minute consultation to walk through their home. I will then design a custom plan specific to our clients’ needs. Then, my team will come in and organize or assist with moving,” she says.

Organizing your home may not solve all of your problems or fulfill all of your goals, but it certainly is a start to improving many aspects of life. “The average person spends about 55 minutes a day looking for items they already own,” says Alex.

“So for a person who feels like they are already strapped for time, organizing their things can make a big difference. We aren’t even talking about shopping, going to the grocery store, things like that. Most people are spending an hour, every day, looking for stuff they already have. Think about how much time that is in a year.” Alex explains that once you get your “stuff” under control, you gain time back. That’s extra time to focus on your other resolutions. “It gives you an hour to meal prep healthy food. It gives you an hour to get to the gym. You’ll get your weekends back since you won’t be worried about getting your house back in order,” she says.

Looking around at your home, your car, or your office and realizing how unorganized you really are can be overwhelming. However, Alex suggests a broken down method of getting started.


First, Alex suggests starting small. “Tackle a pile, sections, or a drawer. Don’t organize your whole closet or kitchen,” she says. To build momentum and avoid becoming overwhelmed, she suggests you work in 1-2 hour segments.


Alex says to pull everything out of the drawer and start sorting it into piles. “As you declutter, ask yourself, ‘do I use it, or do I love it?’.” If the answer is no, recycle, donate, or trash the item.


Next, Alex suggest giving everything a home by assigning it a bin. These bins don’t have to be expensive, and you can often reuse boxes you already have or find inexpensive bins at the Dollar Store or other discount retailers. “Often people stop their organization process with placing it in a bin but forgetting to label,” Alex says. She adds that labeling is the second most important part of the organization process (decluttering being number 1). “Labeling holds you and anyone else that lives in your home, or helps out in your home, accountable to what belongs in that space,” she says.

Finally, Alex says that you have to shift your mindset. “Organization should not be a project,” she explains. “It’s just like eating healthy or exercising. You work at it every day by picking up, tossing junk mail, and decluttering as you clean your home. Every week, new things are coming into your home, so every week things should be leaving your home.”

Organizing your home is a short term investment for a long term return. It’s a gateway for other things in life, whether that’s getting in shape, being able to pick up hobbies again, or getting paperwork and accounts in order to pay down debts. Alex explains that an organized home can also help people prepare for the unexpected.

“Say a family member unexpectedly passes, or you have to have surgery, or you have a baby, or get a job promotion, if you are organized, you are better equipped to deal with unexpected changes, good and bad.”

Alex encourages those wanting to kick start their New Year’s Resolutions to join Tabulated Professional Organizing’s January Challenge. It’s free, and each week for four weeks, they will email steps, supplies, and tips for organizing different areas of your home. Sign up through their website: If you need additional help, Alex says to reach out. “Call us. We can help. We have experience working with all levels of clutter. We will give you the tools
and confidence to become organized.”

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