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VIProfile: Jennifer Travelsted


Jennifer Travelsted can’t remember a time in life when she didn’t love fitness. Since the age of fifteen at the YMCA in Glasgow, she has taught some level and type of fitness class. During her college years, as an exercise science major at Western, she taught fitness classes at WKU Preston Center as well as Bowling Green Parks and Rec, Gold’s Gym, and the old YMCA. She also competed competitively in Fitness America pageants in her 20s, for muscle fitness. Jennifer had a career in medical sales for over 15 years, but fitness was always the constant in her life. “It’s always been my purpose. I’ve probably taught everything there is to be taught and as I got older, I realized there had to be a more effective way to work out as our bodies start to age. And that’s when I found Barre,” said Jennifer. Through creativity and testing out what worked and didn’t, she developed a barre regimen that anyone of any age could participate in. After two years of preplanning she officially co-founded and opened Barre Company in Bowling Green in April of 2010.

Barre Company in Bowling Green has over 3,000 members, with the majority ranging from 35 65 years old. The fitness programs focus on intentional movement, while keeping the integrity of every exercise. It’s all about quality, not quantity. “As we get older, we have to learn to work smarter and treat our bodies differently than maybe we did in the past. Everyone needs to be able to get their best workout in, regardless of their age, gender, or fitness level,” said Jennifer.

One of Barre Co.’s most stellar clients came from being sedentary in her early 80’s to gaining confidence and strength through Barre classes. “She is so strong now and Barre has been able to get her moving in an activity she enjoys. People are living longer, living healthier lives, and you can’t put a price tag on that,” said Jennifer.

The team at Barre Company is proud of the experience they’ve created in the classroom and others were quick to take notice and inquire about studios for their area. Barre Company has sold six franchise locations in the region which has allowed this personalized fitness program to enter other areas, while allowing Jennifer to maintain her focus on the Bowling Green studio. “Everything is teachable. We teach them how to get the most out of the business and the classes. We wrap an entire business around them down to the choreography, education, programs, and structure. We gradually help them implement additional equipment and programs and they grow so they can get all of their resources in one place,” said Jennifer.

Having a great team behind her has been critical for Jennifer and Barre Company’s success. “Everyone on our team loves our clients and it shows when they step into that room. Having everyone invested in the business and working towards the same goal helps the business move seamlessly,” she said. She has thoroughly enjoyed watching her instructors grow and pick up something they can carry with them throughout the rest of their life. “For me personally, this has been a really fun, successful ride. We’ve become a tribe with an uplifting, encouraging environment and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” said Jennifer.

Moving forward, the vision is to continue to grow the company out in the Southeast region and to continue keeping everything fresh in classroom. “Teaching is a passion for me, it’s my God given purpose. I have such a love for it. My goal is to provide the best possible instruction, classroom experience, and fitness and lifestyle components for anyone as they get older to continue to enjoy life to its fullest,” said Jennifer. However she can get someone moving, and enjoy it, is most important. This year, to help round out the wellness component, Cryo BG, a cryotherapy service, was added in a back room in the studio. This service is something previously unavailable unless you drove to a bigger city, so she brought it to Bowling Green. It is mostly well known for professional athletes for the recovery of muscle soreness, but it is effective for everyday arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, better sleep, skin conditions, and obesity with an increased metabolic rate and 500-800 caloric burn per session. Clients enter the chamber for up to three minutes of relief, providing a refreshing and energizing experience.

Jennifer and her husband, Casey, owner of Southern KY Smiles, have the epitome of a busy life with two small children, Ryder, 3, and Camden, 7, and two businesses to take care of.

Work-life balance is a must in their day to day. They recently moved to a farm to enjoy a private retreat and focus in on their family time at home. They love to take the boys go-karting, hiking in the woods, swimming, and just enjoying the peacefulness of nature together. “We just try to be in the moment and not let the years and small moments pass us by.” She encourages others to take time for themselves, as she has done through the years. “Don’t shy away or be intimidated to try something new for you. A class is 55 minutes away from the day to day of life. It’s your 55 minutes to detach and focus on you.”

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