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VIProfile: Steven Dossey

By Emily Robertson

Growing up in Paducah, Steven Dossey chose to move to Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University after high school. While there to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Dossey gained a lot in his professional life and personal life, all while falling in love with the Bowling Green area. “When I attended WKU, I met my wife, Hannah, at a ‘Best on the Hill’ mixer between AOII and Sigma Chi,” Dossey says. “After graduating, she moved back to Paducah with me and began her career in education teaching elementary school and I pursued a role within Purple Toad Winery as the production manager.”

Dossey’s parents started Purple Toad Winery in 2009. After graduating from college in 2016, Dossey began to work and train to eventually run the business himself. He says he’s always enjoyed business and has a passion for problem solving and winemaking. He is proud that, during his time with the company, they have been able to transition Purple Toad Winery from a traditional “mom and pop” business style to a modern, efficient operation. “We recognized the potential for growth and scalability and we took the initiative to implement software solutions tailored to our business needs,” Dossey says. “This streamlined our daily operations and improved our ability to track, manage and analyze various aspects of the business and implement Standard Operating Procedures while ensuring that every task, from grape harvesting to wine bottling, was executed to the same high standards, regardless of who performed it.”

Dossey says that focusing on consistency improved the quality and reliability of their products, and also empowered their staff with clear guidelines and expectations. He is excited about the future of the business and his career path with the company. “In the future, I aspire to become the CEO and owner of the winery,” Dossey says. “I have a deep passion for the wine industry. With my dedication and knowledge I have accumulated over the years, I am confident that I can preserve our brand’s values and quality while introducing innovation.”

For Dossey, besides wine and his family business, his main focus is on his family. He and his wife Hannah married in 2017 and welcomed their first child, Vivi Claire in 2020, with their son Everett arriving in 2022 and their third child due next May. The family lives on 30 acres minutes from the winery in Paducah and together they enjoy traveling, playing golf, going to the lake and staying active. “My family is my number one priority,” Dossey says. “We love spending time together, doing whatever it may be. Together, we’ve faced challenges, celebrated milestones and navigated the complexities of life. Every day, we strive to create an environment filled with love, understanding and growth for our family, making sure it is rooted in the values we hold dear.”

Dossey says his family has also been his biggest influence in his life, specifically his parents and his wife. “My parents taught me the values of hard work, integrity and resilience,” Dossey says. “They offered wise advice and pushed me to strive for excellence. My wife has broadened my worldview and grounded me. Together, they’ve molded me and I’m grateful for their unwavering love and guidance.”

Now, as Dossey works to open a new tasting room in the Bowling Green area, he looks forward to expanding Purple Toad Winery’s reach and further promote the legacy of this family business. “I see a future where my family is part of our winery’s legacy, with the winery being a testament to our passion and hard work,” Dossey says. “I aim to continuously evolve my knowledge and skills, staying in the forefront of the wine industry, providing fresh perspectives and innovative strategies. Our future holds a blend of tradition and innovation and I’m excited to embark on this journey.”

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