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June 22, 2018

Art & Music!

This is an ART and MUSIC mashup show! You'll be able to enjoy the musical stylings of local bands Wet Eyed Liars and Sugadaisy alongside touring artists Miki Fiki, AND we're featuring FOUR talented BG artists this evening! Check 'em out!

Miki Fiki - Indie/Pop - Nashville, TN.
Currently on their summer tour! Catch them as they pass through BG!

Wet Eyed Liars - Dream Rock - Bowling Green, KY.
A musical embodiment of glittering sadness who get their thrills from making dreamy grooves while riding the glittering griffin into the flaming moon.

Full Frontalsaurus - Alternative, Punk, Post-Hardcore - Bowling Green, KY.
Dinosaur eggs were jostled up from the deep earth where they were being preserved when a massive earthquake shook what was to be Bowling Green KY. 4 eggs were hatched. 4 rock and rollers crawled out of their eggy womb and the world became a better place when dinosaur nostalgia met the hurried world of the 21st century.

Located at The A-Frame

Friday, June 22 - 7-10pm