Talbott Transformation: Classic & Modern Beauty

Story by Emily Robertson | Photography by Darren Harris Photography

Vince and Lori Tyra purchased a home in the Talbott neighborhood in Bowling Green and from the very beginning they knew they wanted to transform the property to fit their life and their style. They contacted Jason Wood of Bowling Green Home Furnishings, who Vince had worked with on a project at his office at Houchens Industries, to assist them in the redesign and help create a space personalized for them.

The Tyras wanted their home to reflect a classic style, but with an updated twist.

“The overall style of the home is traditional, but by updating the furniture, as well as lighting and accents, we were able to achieve a modern, classic feel that fits seamlessly in the home.”

Wood says that it was a priority to deliver great quality furniture that would function well for the family, but that created one of the only challenges Wood and the Tyras had with the project.

“If I had to pinpoint a challenge, I would say that about the only thing we had was deciding which pieces were important enough to wait and custom order, versus choosing pieces from our in-stock inventory,” Wood says. “We ended up with a great combination of both and everyone was satisfied in the end.”

The home showcases lots of bright, airy décor, with brass and black metals and varying neutral tones in paint, rugs, artwork and furniture, but there are several surprise pops of color throughout the living spaces as well. A colorful kitchen island, beautiful wallpaper accents in the dining area and bathroom, along with several different textures in the furniture pieces creates a modern, beautiful space, with a bit of the unexpected. One additional space where color makes a statement is in the master bedroom.

“The master bedroom in the Tyra’s home turned out beautifully,” Wood says. “By mixing neutral fabrics and textures on the updated poster bed and rug with bold, colorful swivel chairs at the foot of the bed, the room is both stylish and comfortable.”

Bowling Green Home Furnishings has been supplying the Bowling Green and surrounding areas with unique, beautiful furnishings for more than 40 years.

“The Tyras’ home is another example that shows the capabilities of our company and our staff of expert designers to offer the best quality in furniture, home décor and outdoor living, at any price level,” Wood says. 

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