Eight16 House: A Rustic Getaway


The historic home at 816 Chestnut Street in downtown Bowling Green has had many reincarnations, from serving as a private residence to more recently housing a medical office for Dr. Fouad Atalla, but now, it’s new owners are welcoming guests to come stay for awhile and experience the charm of the home called eight16 and the beauty of Bowling Green and the surrounding areas.

The Atallas converted the property, with the help of Rustic Nail & Co., into a short-term rental when Dr. Atalla’s practice moved to the Heartland area. The Atallas sold the property in early 2023. The new owner recruited local Lindsey Houchin to spearhead the management of the home.

“There are several pieces in the home that celebrate local talent, like paintings of famous Kentuckians by David Jones, who is a local artist and professor at SKYCTC,” Houchin said.
“Some of the newer additions in the home, like the metal table that hangs from the ceiling in the breakfast and cocktail nook, and the custom fire pit in the backyard, were projects led by Jason Wood of Bowling Green Home Furnishings.”

The residence boasts five bedrooms and 3,600 square feet, but Lindsey is quick to point out that there are several cozy spots around the home that make the residence a truly unique place to stay.

“One of the signature features of the home is the room that has two king-sized sleeping nooks that you crawl into from the foot of the bed,” Houchin says. “It is a favorite for kids of all ages, and it’s not uncommon to find candy wrappers left by little ones or headphones left by teenagers there. Even for older guests, there’s plenty of room. There’s also room to spread out throughout the house, with the breakfast and cocktail nook, an outdoor dining table and a custom-branded fire pit, but the cozy spaces encourage you to spend time together, instead of apart.”

Houchin says the Atallas coined the home’s style as “industrial modern,” and she believes it fits the home’s aesthetic perfectly.

“It is both rough and refined, featuring rustic materials, like metals, subway tile and exposed brick—juxtaposed by the green velvet tufted sofa in the living room and luxury linen sheets,” Houchin says.

The history, with its imperfections, only adds to the charm of the home. That, combined with beautiful, but durable décor helps to create an appealing yet functional space to create

“Sometimes guests are surprised that pets are welcome in this short-term rental, which has
so obviously been invested in,” Lindsey says. “That’s a testament to a commitment to durability and beauty alike. It’s tough to hurt original hardwood floors when the wear and tear of time is celebrated by the décor style. The same goes for the metal countertops in the kitchen and the breakfast and cocktail nook, which offer durability without compromising on the cohesive style. When a new mark pops up, it’s simply a celebration of good times had here.”

Houchin, a born and raised local, loves making personal recommendations that showcase the best of Bowling Green. She has created several guidebooks to help point guests in the direction of local gems and she routinely stocks the house with subtle local nods such as wine and cheese from Pastiche Provisions, a few stems from Jules with the Flowers or a gift card to Meltdown Ice Cream. While their guests range from faraway families visiting the local sites, to local families gathering for special occasions such as reunions, bridals showers or bachelorette weekends, Houchin is grateful for the chance to host special moments in their space.

“I never take for granted that this property makes space for milestones and memories, and I’m always full of ideas for how to inspire more meaningful gatherings here,” Lindsey says.

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