Publisher's Letter

With our May issue it is our opportunity to celebrate the local businesses, stores and entrepreneurs that make Bowling Green and surrounding communities so special. The mission of VIP Bowling Green is to highlight the great things going on in this community and focus around the philanthropy that goes on each and every month. It is our intent to be the local magazine that each and every one of you can count on.

In our May issue there is no shortage of those events that highlight local non-profits and groups doing great things in our community. There are over 30 events in the issue that cover the full spectrum of what Bowling Green has to offer.

We couldn’t bring the special events and people that make Bowling Green what it is without the local advertisers that support VIP Bowling Green. The May issue features 25 profiles on local business leaders in the area. They are a great example of the thriving business community in Bowling Green.

Please don’t hesitate to send in your event, recommend a person you know making a difference in the community or make a recommendation on how we can improve the magazine. We want to be an extension of this community and capture the true essence of what makes Bowling Green the special place it is.

Thank you to all local businesses and entrepreneurs who have supported us and have been the reason for VIP Bowling Green’s success!

Dabora, Inc.
Publishers of VIP Bowling Green

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