An Updated Traditional Remodel

Story by Emily Robertson | Photography by Darren Harris | Harris Visual Media

For Logan Hines, founder and owner of Lo Interiors, the chance to work on this remodeled home project in the South Warren area of town was a dream job.

“The homeowners were truly ideal clients,” Hines says. “They trusted my designs and visions and I’m so grateful to them because they really rolled with the punches and let me do my thing.”

Hines, who started Lo Interiors four years ago, has always had a lifelong passion for architectural design. After school, she worked in the residential construction industry in Bowling Green before opening her own company. For this project, she knew she would need to balance the clients’ wishes with what the space had to offer and make them work together throughout the home.

“Creating a cohesive space is the toughest, but most rewarding part of remodeling in my opinion,” Hines says. “In the remodel world, you don’t get to just pick your style and run with it; it is all about using a lot of the space and details that are already in place, in a new way. It is amazing to me how much space can be transformed without anything too invasive.”

Hines says that this remodel would be classified as a transitional design. The clients wanted the space to be light and airy, but still cozy and functional.

“An updated traditional design is ideal for this type of space,” Hines says. “We are able to really brighten up the space with lighter colors, which makes the space feel bigger and gives off a light and airy vibe. On the other hand, some of the more detailed trim work in traditional designs helps keep everything feeling welcoming, not so stark and straight-lined, which many modern designs are leaning towards these days.”

The wall coverings in many of the rooms really worked to reinforce the transitional design while redefining the space and adding a unique look. Hines used “Creeping Fig Vine” wallpaper from York in the dining room and “Gunny Sack Textured” wallpaper, also from York, in the master bedroom.

“Once we had all of the furniture in the master bedroom, it felt like something was missing and I realized it was wallpaper,” Hines says. “Since we used ‘White Dove’ paint color from Benjamin Moore throughout the house, the deep, dark blue gave us the depth and contrast we needed to really make the space feel complete.”

Hines also utilized bold colors to contrast with the natural light and white paint color in most of the home, using a deep green in the office space, as well as Pewter Green on the kitchen island and lower cabinets.

“Green is a dominant color in nature that is associated with refreshment, peace and security,” Hines says. “The green in the office makes for a moody feel, which my clients wanted and the green in the kitchen is much lighter, but it creates warmth to break up some of the white.”

While lots of the furniture was purchased new from Bowling Green Home Furnishings, the clients did want to incorporate some pieces they already owned into their new space, and Hines was thrilled to make that happen.

“I loved the fact that my clients were able to incorporate some sentimental pieces and make them a part of the design,” Hines says. “I think this is important because it is really what aids in the overall cohesiveness of the space.

When pieces are strategically planned as part of the design on the front end, it really allows it to feel like it belongs.” Overall, both Hines and the clients were extremely pleased with the final product in the remodel, even if it may have taken some risks to try some new elements in the space.

“Every home is unique in its own way,” Hines says. “I have already said it, but these clients were perfect in every way. They trusted every design proposition I threw their way and that is what makes this home different from others I have done in the past. It is just the name of the game in this industry that clients will usually have at least a thing or two that they want to pick out themselves or they have a tile or light fixture that they are dead set on and there is nothing
wrong with that. But to have clients fully trust me with their home and allow me to push their creativity to new places is truly special.”

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