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Making Room in Hearts and Home

Story by Angela Reeves | Photography by Alan Hudson

The Cashion family of four recently became a family of five with the adoption of their 4 year old daughter Emory from China. Brandt and Amanda had two children, Kayden, 13, and Lashlee, 11, and found room in their heart and family for Emory. In September 2017 they moved into  their new home in Fountain Trace to make room in their home for their growing family.

Brandt and Amanda travel to Haiti each year to install water wells, however last year Amanda was sick and not able to go. It left her time at home to think and pray about their family. The couple has always had adoption on their hearts and a previous experience that fell through which took time to recover from. Amanda was looking at an advocacy page with children needing adoption in China and saw a little girl who had no comments or likes. “She looked so sad. I had to find out more about her,” said Amanda. She contacted the agency and received pictures and videos of the little girl with a big personality, including a video of her patting her tummy to make the other kids laugh! “We loved it and we loved her. We decided she needed to be a part of our family,” said Amanda. Emory has been in the family now for seven months. “She amazes and blesses us each and every day,” said the Cashions.

The family loves Fountain Trace’s spacious lots and enjoying the sounds of the country while still getting the benefit of the neighborhood feel. This is the couple’s fourth home together and they fell in love with the wonderful landscaping, outdoor area and pool, and the layout being more conducive to their larger family.

Adding to their family was something everyone all agreed on and so it was important to make each kid feel special in the new home. “Having our family together and each person having their own personal areas matters to us. I want the kids to enjoy our home and want to have friends over,” said Amanda. Liz Bradley played a huge role in redesigning some outdated areas and decorating the home. “I am thankful for Liz and her time and talents to make our home look so amazing. She has been very patient with us as we have decorated basically room by room. We are thrilled with the way each room has turned out,” said Amanda.

Their daughter Lashlee, who is almost a teenager, had a secret room designed just for her and her interests, hidden behind a bookshelf. The room has a desk, swing chair, record player and art supplies so she can enjoy reading, listening to music and crafting in her own space. Lashlee and Liz worked together on the design of her room incorporating her interests, favorite colors and decor. Their son Kayden’s room is actually the home’s bonus room so it is very large. He loves baseball, which he has played for years, so the theme is perfect for him, and Liz added her touch with accents, wall decor and lamps.

Amanda and Brandt decided to lighten up the kitchen of the home when they bought the house. The traditional oak cabinets were a bit dark for their taste. With the help of Liz Bradley, Boutique Unique, and Inari Granite, the cabinets were painted white and the countertops changed to a white and marble swirl. The tile backsplash was also changed to a white subway tile for a crisp and airy feel, to round out the look. “I do not think we could have come up with this look on our own,” said Amanda. “Liz switched out light fixtures and hardware to compliment the changes, and it all turned out wonderful. I would definitely recommend having a professional help with any home design.”

The living room is the main hang out location for the family when everyone is home. With the kitchen right beside it they can eat and snack in both areas while chatting about their days. They love to curl up on the couches watching their favorite movies and shows. But the sun room is Amanda’s favorite room of our house. “The windows allow natural light to come in and we can see all around the outside of our home,” said Amanda.

Amanda gave Liz full control to decorate each room as she thought would look best. “I know we will live here a long time and I wanted a professional to make each room just right,” said Amanda. Some of her favorite decorations chosen by Liz include the art work hanging in the office and the display shelving with beautiful accent pieces. The office desk and unique wooden bookshelf are some of her favorite pieces of furniture. “It was brave to give away full control, but I knew it would turn out perfect!”

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