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United Way of Southern KY makes $25K Investment into Boys & Girls Club

United Way of Southern Kentucky announced on August 20, 2018 at a Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green Board Meeting that it will be making a $25,000 investment into the Club’s new Teen Center. The $25,000 investment is made outside of United Way’s standard allocation of funding from campaign revenue and comes upon approval of the United Way Board of Directors.

The Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green has placed a strategic focus on building a state-of the-art Teen Center, creatively designed and fashioned by direct input from current teen members in an effort to solve our community’s challenge of engaging young men and women in meaningful, long lasting ways.

The Teen Center will be the first of its kind in Warren County and will set a high standard of success, building not just a center but an after-hours home for teens that need a safe space, learning structure, and a place to belong.

The Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green broke ground for the new Teen Center on June 18, 2018. The Teen Center serves young people ages 13 - 18 with a target population of those who are most at-risk, disconnected from resources, or living in underserved areas, though the Center is open to all youth. The Center will be around 4,500 square feet and able to serve up to 200 teenagers in the community. The Center will connect to the club’s existing building on 260 Scott Way and will also allow the club to offer extended hours. The goal is to have the center opened in either September or early October.

“United Way of Southern Kentucky has long played a role in the investments of important community capital projects across the region. Contributing to the success of the Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green’s Teen Center fits right in line with our history as an organization centered on improving lives, as well as our new work in Community Impact, specifically College & Career Readiness,” says Debbie Hills, President & CEO of United Way of Southern Kentucky. “I commend the United Way Board of Directors for recognizing the impact that an investment into a project such as this will have on our community for generations to come and for stepping up to ensure that United Way of Southern Kentucky continues to play the foundational role in our community that it always has.”

Funding of projects like the Boys & Girls Club’s Teen Center supports United Way of Southern Kentucky’s work in College and Career Readiness of reaching a bold goal to increase BRADD area College & Career Readiness scores to 80% by the year 2020. Currently, scores are an average of 68.6% for the area. United Way has invested $199,359 across the region towards work in College & Career Readiness for the 2018/19 funding period in addition to this $25,000 investment.

United Way of Southern Kentucky also funds the Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green’s Great Futures Start Here Teen Initiative through its annual allocations funding process with an investment of $50,941 for that program in 2018/19. This program supports United Way’s strategy to provide quality out-ofschool opportunities that reinforce and enhance learning and preparation for future success. This funding will allow the Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green to extend Teen services in new directions by adding two new programs: Junior Staff and Club Tech which are planned to allow leadership and service learning opportunities for teens.

United Way’s partnership with programs provided by the Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green supports the Club’s unique approach to workforce readiness by preparing youth for success in their first jobs and help them develop a plan to achieve their chosen careers. Clubs strive not only to help young people succeed in high school, but also to equip them with the tools an knowledge to be college and career ready.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous expression of United Way’s commitment to our community’s young people,” says Liz Bernard, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green. “As long-time partners, Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green and United Way have a shared vision of the impact we can collectively make for generations to come. This investment by United Way is a vital stake in moving our work forward through the Great Futures Teen Center.”

For more information about United Way’s work in College & Career Readiness, log on to the United Way of Southern Kentucky website at United Way of Southern Kentucky (UWSK) is a local, independent, nonprofit organization that works to identify and address the issues that matter most, change conditions and improve lives. The mission of United Way of Southern Kentucky is to be the leader in bringing together the resources to build a stronger, more caring community.United Way is focused on the building blocks for good quality of life - Education, Income, Health and Safety Net. Therefore, the vision of United Way is a Southern Kentucky where all residents are educated, healthy, and financially stable. Incorporated as a charitable non-profit entity in 1956, UWSK has long served a major role in the community by bringing people together to create opportunities that make a measurable difference in the quality of life for people where they live and work.

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