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Ronald Shaver

Ronald Shaver is a Producing Branch Manager for Supreme Lending. He says that Supreme Lending is a nationwide lender. “We do about 8.5 billion dollars per year in home loans.” Supreme Lending also offers affordable housing for all homebuyers. “We offer VA, FHA, KHC, and conventional loans with many options for first time homebuyers at no down payment.”

Ronald believes that Bowling Green is a growing city where government officials have made great plans for the future. “We are near the freeway, with great business opportunities for newcomers and great opportunities for outside companies to relocate here,” he says. Ronald is involved in local church and nonprofit organizations to help make Bowling Green even better.

He says that people may be surprised that as part of his job, he gives a great deal of time to help people build their credit scores and to give financial guidance in building a better paper profile for loans for his customers. “Supreme Lending is a lender with very few overlays, and it allows us to say ‘yes’ to more borrowers,” he says.

Ronald says he has spent a great deal of his life borrowing or loaning money and has had tremendous mentors that have guided his life in such a way as to where he could help others. “This job allows me the opportunity to give back to my clients and to enrich our community. We are here to serve one another, and to make this a better climate for all the people of Warren County and surrounding areas.”

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