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Living Beautifully

Generations of Women Talk Inner Beauty
Bowling Green Woman's Club

By Sadie Fowler

As is often said, beauty runs more than skin deep. Not that all women don’t want to be beautiful on the outside, but what truly defines a person’s beauty, success and happiness is marked by all the substance underneath that glowing skin.

Want to know the secrets of living beautifully? Just hang around with some of the members of the Bowling Green Woman’s Club, especially Laura Deglow and Destini Eaton, and their mentors Romanza Johnson and Pearl Taylor. Spanning many generations, all four women are active members of the Bowling Green Woman’s Club, and all four are driven by a desire to help other women and make their mark on the community they so dearly love.

“I feel so fortunate to learn from Bowling Green’s Woman’s Club and to play a small part in the incredible ways that they serve our community,” said Eaton, the director of marketing and communications for ATALLA and perhaps the youngest member of the Woman’s Club. “The women of this group are pioneers of Bowling Green who have lovingly pathed the way and shared their hearts, hands and resources without hesitation.”

While sitting with Deglow, Johnson and Taylor during a community garden show recently, Eaton laughs as she tells the story of how she became a member of the club. She is more than eligible to be a member of the Junior Woman’s Club, which was formed as a sister club to the Bowling Green Woman’s Club for women under age 42, but Eaton wanted to be a part of the older sisterhood because she had the internal instinct of all the wisdom she’d be surrounded by if she joined the original group.

“I told them they’d both like the Junior Woman’s Club better, but Destini said, ‘Well, I’d rather hang around with you!’” laughed Johnson. “But I guess the good thing about our club is there is such a wealth of knowledge. It’s a good mix of professionals and it’s a very dynamic group.”

Eaton smiled as she agreed, explaining her intent upon joining the club was to surround herself with those pioneer women of the community whom she knew could teach her many things about life and living the kind of life she desires.

“When I think of the faces that represent Bowling Green, Romanza Johnson and Pearl Taylor are the first to come to mind and I think many would agree,” Eaton said. “They are two of my most influential peers and when it’s time for them to pass the torch, I hope the next generation makes as profound an impact as they have made.”

Poised with dignity, compassion, wisdom and strength, Eaton and Deglow describe Johnson and Taylor as living life to fullest each and every day — with great intention and purpose.

Johnson, who has had a long career with the Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, serves on every committee imaginable and constantly aims to beautify the city of Bowling Green in many ways, big and small. Taylor maintained her zest for life by also being an active professional.

She worked for Blake, Hart, Taylor and Wiseman Insurance. Proving it’s never too late to get an education, Taylor just recently earned her bachelor’s degree from WKU.

“They are just wonderful role models for our community,” said Deglow, a marketing representative for Time Savers and also for Paul Davis. “One of the main missions of the Bowling Green Woman’s Club is to live beautifully. We try to do this in all facets and Romanza and Pearl are the pioneers of this mission. Really, they enhance our world.”

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