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Furniture and Accents: All About Balance

Story by Angela Reeves | Design by Laura Iverson, Bowling Green Home Furnishings

The Tabor Home featured in this year’s Parade of Homes, is home to Reda and Danny Tabor and sits on Danny’s grandparents original farm from the 1920s. Although Reda did much of the design and planning herself, when it came to furniture choices, sizing, and layout, she enlisted the help of local experts including BG Home Furnishings and designer Laura Iverson.

Laura and Reda met in the store and discussed Reda’s ideas for their new home. Laura was able to review her floor plan and conduct an in-home consultation shortly after. “Furniture is the backbone of a well-designed home. Your large pieces should be your “little black dress”, which you then accentuate with your jewelry, handbag, and shoes (art, lamps, accessories, etc),” said Iverson.

The Tabors incorporated many personal touches in the design, including several pieces from the original house which was torn down and items from their childhood they utilized in the décor. Because of utilizing antiques and collectibles, the furnishings were kept slightly traditional with an up-to-date feel. The blue in the dining room was chosen to tie into the China, and it continued into the living room and kitchen on upholstery to keep the flow consistent. The office had a masculine feel, so they chose a desk and bookshelf to compliment the rustic wood floors.

To incorporate a timeless feel, neutrals and muted patterns were added to the aesthetic. They paired a rustic dining table with velvet captain’s chairs and a traditional, oriental-style rug. A natural wood on the desk and bookcase was selected to tie into the rustic flooring and was combined with a warm, classy leather desk chair. The living room has distressed cabinets and clean transitional upholstery.

“Design is all about balance. Too much of one particular style will date your home rapidly,” said Iverson. Iverson suggests a smoother transition between styles to elongate the life of your furniture and décor as opposed to choosing an abundance of the current trend. You can do this by incorporating basics which are well-built and neutral, with pops of style and color that are more easily changed every few years.

Finding inspiration makes the furniture shopping experience much less stressful. In a world of millions of options, finding a photo of a room you enjoy can be the catalyst you need to begin your makeover. Allow yourself to splurge a little on the pieces you know your family will use the most. If you enjoy hosting get-togethers for family and friends, having a solid wood dining table which extends is a great way to get a long-lasting piece of furniture that will hold  memories for years to come. Then if you choose, you can add slightly trendier chairs. If you like to kick your feet up at the end of the day, invest in a sturdy recliner or neutral sofa to take the worries of your day away, then accent with smaller pieces which are easier to change out.

When looking for help from the experts, BG Home Furnishings it ready to help with as personal an experience as you can get in retail. They consider their customers friends, and try to make you comfortable in your home and in the store.

If they don’t have what you’re looking for in the store, they’ll find it or build it. You can visit BG Home Furnishings at 1045 Lovers Lane in Bowling Green.

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