VIP at Home @ the Mosleys

By Sadie Fowler • Photos by Brian Packard

Lush green pastures filled with grazing livestock, rolling hills and completed with a top-notch equestrian facility-turned event venue, as well as several beautiful homes, the property of Betty and Charles Mosley at Highland Stables is hard to drive by without taking notice.

The hub of this 168-acre property is Betty and Charles’ home, a place where many memories have been created and are still created today. A modest yet spacious place, ideal for making guests feel welcome, the home on Hunts Lane in Bowling Green, Kentucky serves as a welcoming point for many family gatherings each year.

“We actually consider this home in general to be ‘our hub,’” said Angie Mosley, Betty’s daughter-in-law. “Since most of our family lives on the farm, we spend summer days at the pool here and holidays around the table. We’ve celebrated life and its many milestones here.”

Betty and Charles purchased the property in 1980 and built their dream home in 1986. Both the couple’s children; son Chris and his wife Angie, and daughter Tracy, also have homes on the property. Their grandson Josh is currently building a unique bachelor pad like no other on the farm.

Formerly involved in the competitive world of showing horses, the Mosleys scaled back from the competitive aspect of their hobby several years ago and turned their horse stable into an event venue, which is highly sought after for weddings and corporate events in the area.
While Highland Stables has transitioned, the couple’s love of horses has never wavered. Many of their Tennessee Walking Horses still live on the farm.

Even though the focus of the main house remains comfort, it has recently undergone some renovations, including the master bathroom with the master bedroom to follow, thanks to the design team of Lu Mosley and Tammy Brumley. Angie also credited Creative Wood Designs, Tile Trends and Brock McVey for their efforts in the renovation projects.

Upstairs, there’s plenty of room for company as three large rooms are all considered master suites of their own, each complete with their own vanity, which is a unique twist to the older home that only has one full bath upstairs.

The home’s décor, largely a reflection of Angie’s style and guidance, is a blend of old and new. Many antiques and heirloom pieces of furniture are offset by neutral yet modern colors. Angie prefers to keep colors in the popular gray tones.

Angie’s favorite accessory, she admits, is anything animal print, such as the large cow print rug in one of the suites upstairs. It’s a fun and timeless way to spice up any room, she said.

Charles and Betty pride themselves in owning a comfortable, “lived in” home. Betty enjoys cooking and hosting large groups for holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and one of her favorites, Memorial Day, where folks can gather at the pool or inside her favorite room, the sun room.

“We want our guests to not be afraid to set a drink down without a coaster,” Betty said.

Betty highly recommends anyone starting out in their life journeys together to try and live in other homes before building their forever home.

“This gives you an opportunity to see what works for your family,” she said. “It is also important to be adaptable to different seasons of life. For us, building on a family farm, this became our forever home here on Earth.”

Charles is still active in the business he and Jim Lockwood started in 1995, M&L Electrical, Inc., however you can find him most days working on the farm. Both Charles and Betty are avid WKU fans and still enjoy traveling to support the team as well as attend horse shows.