VIProfile: Greg Neville

By Sadie Fowler


Greg Neville, 37, represents a life filled with genuine joy for what’s important as well as an attitude to achieve all he can.

A business, family, spiritual and outdoor man, Neville is a husband to Jenny Jones; a father to Brady, Brooklynn and Briley; an employee of Thermo Fisher Scientific; and an entrepreneur. He is a partner in Bowling Green’s favorite Stadium Salsa, which was founded by his friend and partner Greg Shepherd.

“I was interested in tasting it and once I did I knew it had that ‘wow’ factor,” said Neville. “Once I opened that jar, it smelled so fresh, just like it was canned yesterday. I believed right then in the product. Over the next few years we formed our partnership … I always wanted to own my own business but it had to be a business that wouldn’t jeopardize my family’s financial situation.”

When he’s not busy with all of life’s daily demands, Neville, a native of Cave City, Kentucky, finds solace in working outside at home, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities with his family. Recently, he has begun cooking more for his family since his wife has been busy with coaching duties, although he admits cooking is more of her specialty than his.

Like his wife, he is also a coach — he’s currently leading his daughter’s travel team.

“I love teaching the fundamentals of the game and getting the girls to expand on their ability,” he said. “Watching them grow to empower themselves and believing that they can accomplish the task at hand is such a joy.”

Neville is also a deacon at Lehman Avenue Church of Christ. His strong spiritual ties are his guiding force as a parent. His number one goal: “Get my family to heaven.”

His number one piece of advice to young entrepreneurs: “Trust in God.” He also places an importance on remaining humble and asking questions when answers are needed.

“Also, with anything in life or business, you get back what you put in,” he said.

Neville’s educational background is in biology, and prior to working for his current employer, he worked in the field of pharmaceutical sales. He went to Lindsey Wilson College on a baseball scholarship.

“I had a desire to go to dental school right after college but I moved to Bowling Green and got a job,” he said. “Then I started making money and also met my future wife.”

Though it might puzzle some as to how Neville can do all he does plus have a business such as Stadium Salsa, Neville says he loves staying busy and considers his involvement in the brand to be a fun challenge. Stadium Salsa continues to be a family-owned partnership that includes families from Bowling Green, Kentucky and Bowling Green, Ohio.

What makes a great salsa? Neville says it all begins with the ingredients.

“We source our vegetables from within the Midwest, a proud food region that comes with a history of fertile soil, which is perfect for growing our Roma tomatoes,” he said. “Stadium Salsa uses only the finest Roma tomatoes in the production of all natural salsas. We pride ourselves in producing our salsa in small batches, allowing for quality and freshness.”

In fact, Neville says they aim to produce a high-end, gourmet salsa at the best possible price.
“Our salsa and chips are naturally gluten free and all-natural,” he said. “Because we choose not to use tomato paste or puree, our salsa is not watered-down. This keeps our pH level very low, which gives the salsa a great shelf stability with no preservatives and a great, hearty taste.”

As a way of showcasing its local flavor and support of the local community, Stadium Salsa partnered with the Bowling Green Hot Rods.

“Getting the deal was strategic as it made sense for both parties involved,” Neville said. “It’s a great price and high quality for the ballpark and a great-tasting product for the customers. Eric Leach is a fantastic partner at the ballpark. He understands the value in getting involved with the community and supports our collaborative efforts.”

Additionally, Stadium Salsa is partnered with local stores and other events; they are served at all WKU concessions. This keeps the brand in the minds of local fans and future grocery store customers.

“We want those fans to be able to bring some of the family fun they experienced at the ballpark home with them,” he said. “So when they see Stadium Salsa on the shelves at Houchens, Crossroads IGA, Priceless IGA and other places, it will bring them back to a great family memory and remind them of a great-tasting snack for their family.”

Whether it’s providing fresh and healthy salsa to the region, coaching his daughter’s team or working hard to ensure his family is well-cared for and free of debt, Neville is a go-getter with a solid foundation. He believes one must take risks to get rewards.

Giving back and service to his community is also at the top of Neville’s priority list.

“We are, and we make, the community,” he said. “We have got to all represent the community. Serving the community is also a great opportunity to network while helping the community grow at the same time.”

Neville’s goals for the new year include providing for his family and growing his business while giving back to the community via Stadium Salsa fundraisers and sponsorships. He also hopes to partner with a quality distributor this year, which will enable Stadium Salsa to be enjoyed by the masses.