How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Bands!

Congratulations on your engagement! As you begin your wedding planning journey, whether you are planning a small or large wedding, one thing is certain: you’ll need to pick out wedding bands. Consider these important factors while picking out the perfect bands.

1.) Start Your Ring Search Sooner Than Later.

You will want to start looking 2-3 months prior to your wedding.  This will give you enough time to shop around, narrow it down and research prices. Most engagement rings have a band that already matches your engagement ring. If your engagement ring is more intricate and detailed, you may need a band that contours to your engagement ring. Specialty bands can take up to 4-6 weeks to be made.  A contoured band just simply means it may have a slight curve or notch to sit flush beside your engagement ring.  

Rings are usually made in a stock size 6 or 7. If your finger size is several sizes smaller or larger than the stock size, it’s best to have most diamond bands made in your specific size. A plain gold or platinum band is simple to size. The alternative metal bands cannot be resized, they are simply ordered in the finger size you need. 

2.) Decide On A Budget

Determine how much you want to spend on your wedding bands; there are rings to fit every price range.  Some stores offer free layaway and have financing options available!

3.) Be Unusal. . . Break The Mold

If your partner likes a yellow gold band and you prefer white, there aren’t any laws or regulations that say you have to match.  Alternative metals such as stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, tantalum, cobalt and ceramic bands come in a variety of colors and textures.  Pick out what fits your style and let your partner do the same!  You can also surprise your partner by having something engraved inside their ring.  It can’t be very long, but it will add a sentimental touch to your special day.

Go in with an open mind.  Create a Pinterest board with ideas. Talk with your local jewelry shop about what you like, but don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate for recommendations.  A good sales associate will show you some out of the box ideas that you may fall in
love with.

4.) Think About Your Lifestyle

Wedding bands are something you plan to have forever.  You want bands that will be comfortable and fit your lifestyle. For example, if you work with your hands, play sports or an instrument a plain comfort fit band in yellow, white, rose gold or platinum may be the best choice.  If you choose a diamond band, you may want to purchase an inexpensive silicone ring to wear when you’re going to the gym or working in the garden.  If you decide to go with something you feel is trendy, don’t stress. You could always switch it up to celebrate an anniversary.

Ask about a warranty and an appraisal. An appraisal is written for you to obtain insurance through your homeowners or renters insurance. It should be inexpensive to add the coverage and will cover the rings if they are lost or stolen. Choose a store that stands behind what they sell. When you find a band you like, take pictures. If the store doesn’t allow you to take pictures of the band, that is a good indicator another store in the area sells it for less!