Custom Wedding Invitations with Barbara Stewart Interiors

Submitted by Christina House

There is strength in the written word, whether it is expressed in social media or as a formal invitation. Located in downtown Bowling Green is a business that has guided many brides in their selection of invitations, social stationery and paper needs for their wedding.  When asked about the stationery business, Christina House, consultant said, “people feel important when someone takes the time to write a note on a beautiful piece of stationery.”  House also added that the same holds true for an invitation. “If you want someone to feel as if your event is a priority, mail them a printed invitation.  

The staff at Barbara Stewart Interiors wants to make sure that the handwritten letter is not a lost art. Owner, Susan Hoechner added, “when you invest in a high-quality invitation it sets the tone for your event. Unlike flowers, decorations and music, the invitation is the one thing that guests will have in their home and in their hands weeks before the event.

With so many choices for stationery, invitations and custom printing readily available, Barbara Stewart Interiors shines because of its in-house specialist who is trained to ask the right questions and knows how to save the bride unnecessary expenses. House explains, “saving time and money is our gift to our customers. We are here to make sure your invitations are correct the first time.”

Life is packed with work, meetings, social gatherings, and on and on!  Busy schedules make for busy people and that is one reason that Barbara Stewart’s has created their on-line registry!  
“We cater to busy people,” says Mindy Alexander, store manager.  “We meet with the bride and groom and guide them through the registry process as seamless as possible and the result is a registry that is all their own. Next, we create their on-line registry on our website, link it to their wedding website and Voila! Not only do we help the couple with the basics, we help the couple create a home. “

On-line shopping for the couple is convenient and easy for the wedding guests, as well.  “If your guest chooses to purchase on-line, we will wrap the gift in our beautiful complimentary wrapping and delivery it to the bride and groom. We also display the couples gift items in the store at their special table if your guests would like to come into the store,” says Susan Hoechner, owner. “I have had brides to say that they have dreamed for the day that they could come into Barbara Stewart Interiors and view their wedding registry items on their very own table. We love meeting with the new couples and help them in creating the beginning of their lives together. I often say to the parents of the couples who have been married 20, 30, 40 years that it is time to re-register again!” With all the new improved products coming out each year, why not?

For more information regarding invitations, contact Christina House at, information regarding Wedding Registry, contact Susan or Mindy at or call 270.782.1747