No Place Like Home with Tara Coomer

Story by Ginger Williams. Photography by Madison Shea, Mad’s Photography.

Tara Coomer uses words like “fearless” to describe decorating a home. In this home built by Bob Dillard and located in the Ewing Ford neighborhood, there was no fear to mix textures, colors and styles to create a truly unique design.

“Don’t be afraid to mix styles. Just remember to treat each space individually, but keep consistency throughout so it still all flows,” said Coomer.

Raised in Southern Kentucky, Coomer started Coomer & Co. in 2012 after graduating from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. Her eye for design goes back to childhood, and that fearless imagination shows up in every home.


In today’s design world, the bathroom can be the best part of the house. In this home owned by Jerry and Sarah Burger, the master bathroom won the Best Master Bath Award in the 2015 Parade of Homes.

A huge stone wall lays the background for the focal point of the bathroom: a copper tub. While most bathrooms have accent tiles, Coomer kept it simple to draw as much attention to the tub as possible.

In the shower, the tile from Just Tile It was laid in the versailles pattern. Coomer also laid engineered hardwood floors (traditionally a taboo in the bathroom decor.) But, she assured us that a few strategically placed rugs gave her the confidence that the floors, which are more moisture-resistant than solid hardwood, would not be harmed by a little water.


With uniquely green cabinets from Creative Wood Works and leathered Uba Tuba countertops installed by Sugar Grove Marble, the kitchen is nothing short of breathtaking. The leathered countertops run just around the perimeter of the kitchen to make the island a statement piece with a different type of granite. Wooden beams above nod to the dark floors below; both contrast well with the glossy countertops. State of the art appliances were the icing on the cake.

The Heart of the Home

The heart of the home is tall and open allowing for the family and guests to mingle freely. Large windows, with drapes by Drapery Nation, allow light to pour into the house.

The majority of the home was furnished by Bowling Green Home Furnishings. Some personal features include the map of New York hanging in the living room; the Burger’s are originally from New York.

One of the most unique, personal features of the entire house is the technology; the house is a “smart home.” Innovative Concepts, owned by the Burgers, created unique ways to make home ownership a real luxury experience by adding technological features to the house.

From the copper tub, to the metal work created by James Chaney on the stairwell, metal is a major accent in the Burger’s home. But, the metal is only an accent.

Coomer mentioned the rustic floors balanced by polished metal accents as a way she kept balance in this home. The copper throughout tied each room together, while a variety of metals and textures created a layered look that made the home feel warm.

With intimidating cathedral ceilings and metal throughout, this home sounds like it would be cold and uninviting, but in reality it is quite the opposite.

“One of my favorite parts of this house is how cozy it feels, which isn’t easy to do with such an open layout. As long as you keep balance in mind, you can create a cozy atmosphere in any space,” said Coomer.