Lawn and Garden: Home of Amy and Kerry Jones

Location:  Woodburn Allen Springs Road, Alvaton
Owner name:  Amy and Kerry Jones
Decorator: Laura Childress
Photographer:  Emily Rose Photography
Vendors: Furniture by Bowling Green Home Furnishings
Lighting by Winlectric and outdoor kitchen by Jeff Osborne Design

Amy and Kerry Jones remodeled their home in Alvaton and while the pool and deck were already existing, they got a major facelift. The family also added a pool house, bathroom and outdoor kitchen.

“They wanted a place to retreat and enjoy being outside, especially during the summer and fall months on this beautiful piece of property,” said their designer, Laura Childress. “It’s a great spot to grill, entertain and relax if you need a break from the sun.”

Childress recommends making even your outdoor space personal to you by incorporating items or pieces that have special meaning.

Kerry is an avid sportsman, so they wanted to add something unique that would highlight his hobby. While it may take some off guard at first, an open-mouthed crocodile was placed in the outdoor kitchen. “I love that his stuffed crocodile is keeping an eye on everything from above!” said Childress.