Lawn and Garden: Home of Susan and Ron Studle

Location:  Barrington Manor, Bowling Green
Owner name:  Susan and Ron Studle
Photographer:  Christie  Cottongim
Vendors: Furniture by Bowling Green Home Furnishing,
Lighting by Winlectric, Pool by Trembley Pool & Spa

When Susan and Ron Studle began building their new home, they wanted plenty of space to accommodate their large family. As they talked to designer, Laura Childress, they began planning the outdoor living space in particular to include a pool and large deck.  “They love to gather with family and entertain; it was important to have spaces for them to spread out,” said Childress.

They also built a pool house. While it is open air, it provides a place to retreat from the sun and has an outdoor kitchen, bar and bathroom. A Wildcat stone made by a family friend was placed on the side of the countertops in the outdoor kitchen. Watching ballgames is a favorite pastime of the Studle family; the handmade stone made a unique, personalized touch.

One of Childress’s favorite features of the space is just inside the basement door: a special room just for the dogs. A doggie door was installed so the dogs can come and go as they please; the family even provided a child’s sofa for complete relaxation for their furry friends. The room is complete with storage and a dog bath, all made out of reclaimed wood.

“Keep your outdoor living spaces casual and open, leave room to take it all in and enjoy the outdoors!” said Childress.