Food of the Month: Hot Brown

By The Bistro

Louisville’s famous culinary entree is the Hot Brown, and the Bistro at 1129 College St. knows how to do it right.
First, they use crusty, French baguette bread on a plate that can stand the heat of the oven. Next, it is topped with chicken (not the traditional turkey, but still delicious) and country ham. The salty country ham is what really makes our mouth water. The meal is topped with fresh tomatoes and then smothered with béchamel cheese sauce. The béchamel cheese sauce is carefully crafted by making a roux (this isn’t as easy as it looks, folks!)

The decadence comes out pippin’ hot with the cheesy sauce bubbling on the edges of the plate. At the Bistro, it is served with french fries or the pasta of the day and a nap!