It’s Derby time, so we headed out to Highland Stables, donned our hats and put on our best smiles. Though hats may not be a regular part of our day going to Starbucks or a Hot Rods game, we are seriously thinking about making hats a full time part of our wardrobe. If you are headed to the Derby soon (or maybe a local party), then look no further than My Friend’s Place where Meredith Loafman is sure to find the perfect look for your May festivities.

Guys, don’t worry, we didn’t forget you. It’s important for you to look just as good as your date, so Tyler Brown at FHG Clothiers helped us think through the perfect look for a man who’s about to win big. We just can’t get enough of the colors that these guys wore. No boring khakis here. This is fashion for men at its best.

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