Drink of the Month: Mint Julep

by Mariah’s Bartender, Joseph Brazzell

This is a simplistic, yet unique take on an old-time, traditional cocktail featured at many of the prestigious horse racing venues here in the bluegrass state.

The cocktail features a mint infused simple syrup (1 oz.), which is used to help extract the cool refreshing flavor of a healthy cucumber slice which is muddled together in a mixing glass. Once the cucumber is nicely muddled for about 15-20 seconds, fill the glass half full with ice, and add two ounces of select bourbon. I personally prefer Maker’s Mark or Woodford Reserve.

Stir the mixture with a bar spoon for approximately 30 revolutions to adequately incorporate all the flavors together. Then, double strain (cocktail and wire basket strainers) the concoction into a mug filled with finely malleted ice. I like to use a burlap ice bag and wooden mallet to generate the proper ice form so that it not only crushes the ice down, but also provides a bit of show/flare for the recipient of the drink and fellow bar guest to enjoy.

Once the cocktail mix is strained onto the crushed ice, feel free to garnish as one sees fit with either a mint sprig, cucumber wheel, or even both. Enjoy and happy race day for the ponies!