No Place Like Home with Embellish

Photography by Brian Packard | Story by Kayla Fugate

Embellish, a local home interior boutique, was born out of a marriage of its owners’ dreams, ideas, and skills.  

Lisa Marshall owner of Embellish, began developing the idea for its opening five years ago while working on a project  with Natalie Dew, manager of Embellish. Marshall, who graduated with a graphic design degree, dreamed of owning a home interior store while Natalie, a WKU graduate with a fashion merchandising degree, was more interested in clothing retail. 

Dew had been in retail for about 15 years while Marshall had been dabbling in home design for 20 years when the pair began developing the business idea for Embellish. Their skills and personalities clicked perfectly, and Embellish opened in September of 2016.  

Embellish is located at 901 Lehman Avenue in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The store offers everything from custom furniture, rugs and light fixtures, to handbags and jewelry. In its first short year since opening, Embellish has already become a Bowling Green favorite.

Both Marshall and Dew credit their organized creative flow to Embellish’s success.  

“Her strengths are my weaknesses too, so that works out really well,” Marshall said.  

Their passion for home design and interior décor is evident.  

“I absolutely love home,” gushes Dew. That passion also shines through in their design. Just a quick browse of Embellish’s Instagram is enough to inspire home envy and makeover projects.  Thankfully, the ladies of Embellish can make those makeover projects a reality.  

Recently, the pair transformed a contemporary living room into a space straight out of a farmhouse.  Tim and Glenda Babcock wanted to completely update their space, and Dew and Marshall were happy to oblige.  

“We pretty much did all of the furniture —everything — in her living room,” Marshall said.

When completing a project like the Babcock living room, Marshall and Dew are careful to pay attention to the family’s needs as well as to the design.  

“The Babcocks have a lot of pets, so we had to be careful about the rug we put in there,” says Dew.  The result is a cozy mix of style and practicality.

Embellish also kept small details in mind when designing a living room for the Suchard home in Smiths Grove.  

“It was of strong importance that their little girl felt comfortable in their living room,” said Dew, about including a child size table just for their client’s two year old daughter. “The space is truly for the entire family right down to the child-proof couch. You spill literally anything on it, and it will roll right off.”

The Suchards did not want to skimp on designer style but also needed a space that would accommodate a child.  

“They had lived in the house for several years and were not able to really love what they had going on,” said Dew.

She and Marshall were able to completely transform their living area into a beautiful space that everyone can love.  The ladies of Embellish understand that homes are meant to be lived in.

“Our clients want to live in their homes, and that is something we want to be really conscious of. We want it to look like a designer space, but we also want our clients to be able to live there.”

With that in mind, Embellish creates gorgeous spaces for everyone to live in and enjoy, pets included.