Dining Guide & Holiday Catering

By Kayla Fugate

All the leaves are rapidly falling, a chill is descending upon Bowling Green, and there is no denying that the holidays are fast approaching. Soon, shoppers will be pouring into stores and loading up their online carts, but more importantly — families, friends, and coworkers will be gathering.  

Often, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can become overwhelming to even the most organized of hosts.  Thankfully, local Bowling Green restaurants such as Griffs Deli, 440 Main, Wild Eggs, and CAKE BG, offer holiday catering to ease the stress of preparing for holiday gatherings, allowing hosts to instead spend time with their loved ones.     

Griffs Deli is an excellent option for those looking for an easy way to feed a large group. Conveniently located at 1640 Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, Griffs is only a couple of minutes away whether you’re shopping on Scottsville Road or in downtown Bowling Green, but for those really in a bind, Griffs offers delivery as well.  

Griffs is a family owned establishment that supports various charities and organizations year-round as well as offering catering for the holidays.

Satisfying a diverse group of people is easy with Griffs, which was recently listed as one of the 10 best delis in Kentucky by bestthingsky.com. Sandwich platters and desserts, like pumpkin praline cheesecake, are popular holiday catering options.  From Griffs popular chicken salad to broccoli cheddar soup and ranchero wraps, the catering menu has something for everyone and options for any size group.  

Additionally, for those looking for a truly unique dessert option, it’s as easy as popping next door to The Popworks where the owners of Griffs, Ed and Micha Griffin, have teamed up with Jessica Yonts to offer artisan frozen pops. From soup to frosty desserts, Griffs Deli and The Popworks can help bring something special to the table this holiday season.  Visit their website at griffsdeli.com or call 270-904-4743 for more information.  

Bowling Green natives know Tom Holmes’s family owned 440 Main/Micki’s as the place to be downtown for live music on the weekends, and to enjoy delicious tacos on Tuesdays. However, it’s also another holiday catering staple.  

Also, 440 main’s vast bourbon selection and private banquet room, which accommodates up to 50 guests and requires no room fee, make it the perfect place to host a holiday party.  The main dining room accommodates up to 100 guests and is also available for day time events.  

For those wanting to stay in and party, 440 Main can bring its food service to you. Each catering menu is personal and customized for each gathering, making 440 Main a versatile option for any gathering. The bacon wrapped dates are always a crowd favorite, though.

For 20 years, 440 Main has consistently offered holiday catering, giving catering customers the same high end experience as they would have if they were dining in the restaurant. For more information visit 440main.com or call 270-793-0450 to see how 44o Main can make your holiday food dreams a reality.  

Wild Eggs is another locally owned eatery offering something unique for holiday guests to enjoy. While living in Louisville after college, owner Angela Reeves fell in love with Wild Eggs and decided to spread that love to Bowling Green in June 2014. Wild Eggs has been offering holiday catering since the first year it opened.  

From providing a wonderful Christmas breakfast to catering for large corporate dinner parties, Wild Eggs can also accommodate an array of groups and ease the stress of holiday cooking.  

While most think of Wild Eggs for a casual breakfast or lunch, Wild Eggs has expanded to also cater dinner parties, weddings, and fundraisers. Meeting new people and participating in an array of events lead Reeves to new ideas in expanded catering.  

Whether customers are looking for an eggs benedict for brunch or cinnamon rolls which are easy to pick up ahead and heat up later for a holiday snack, Reeves hopes Wild Eggs catering can allow people to relax and enjoy the spirit of the season. To try a warm and delicious cinnamon roll for free before treating your holiday guests to them, just stop by Wild Eggs on any Tuesday and order an entrée.  For more information on the Wild Eggs holiday catering menu, call 270-599-1649.

Finally, no holiday gathering is complete without a delicious custom dessert, which is where CAKE BG comes in to save the holiday. Open since November 2016, CAKE BG owners Melody Haase, Steve Rose, and Jeff Werner streamlined their focus to custom cakes.  
The folks at CAKE BG take their clients’ visions and make them realities.  They also continue to serve brownies, bars, truffle balls, cookies, and bites on a daily basis.  CAKE BG offers a full array of cakes, pies, cheesecakes, puddings, basically anything a sweet tooth can dream of.  

CAKE BG’s owners value family and aim to maximize the time they can spend with their own families, and they hope to make people feel good about serving their own family, friends, and colleagues the scrumptious and fresh baked goods they have to offer.  To order your custom Christmas cake, pie, or other delicious dessert, call 270-904-4210.

This holiday season, there is no reason to stress about planning and cooking a delicious meal for your holiday gathering. Let the local establishments of Bowling Green take care of that for you while you enjoy precious time with those who mean the most to you during the warmth of the season.