No Place Like Home with Liz Bradley

Liz Bradley’s taste for excellent design work was honed before she even became an adult. In high school, Liz began subscribing and collecting Martha Stewart magazines, and made homemade interior design books full of images of interiors. She planned to use these as reference one day for her own published book. She even made notes on each page describing why those design features worked or didn’t.

Many of the design elements in her own home, which is featured in this month’s issue, fell right into place, but finding the perfect bedding was no easy feat.  She had always wanted a luxurious bed dressed in the legendary Leontine linens. She was thrilled when the day finally came, and she was able to attain those longed for linens and her bed was finally complete. Her bed finally complete

Liz opened Lulu’s Fine Home Furnishings and Consignment in 2005. Lulu’s is named after Liz’s great grandmother, and in many ways, her great-grandmother is the inspiration for the store’s entire purpose.

“I have very vivid memories of going to West Virginia to visit my great grandmother on my father’s side. She was the talk of the town and the belle of the ball. They owned coal companies and hotels; they were a pillar in the community. My great grandmother had opulent furniture and rugs. When I was four years old, I visited her and she was bedridden at the time. I would sit next to her and rub her hand while we talked. She would let me play with jewelry, furs and hats. When I opened my store, I wanted it to be as glamorous and fun as my grandmother was.”

Liz’s own home highlights an eclectic style, featuring textural layers and pairings of modern materials and shapes with vintage and repurposed items. Throughout the home, Liz used vintage and repurposed items. “I love to layer textures. I think that’s really important in any kind of design focus.

Liz is also particularly fond of a few unique design elements namely stacks of books and original artwork. Throughout the home, Liz proudly displays original art work she has collected. One of her favorite piece hangs in the living room, above the buffet.